Ignite your passion for learning with a distance learning experience
at Intercultural Open University.
Hello, I am
Sandra Hurlong,
Ph.D., Interim President and Professor
of Higher Education, Intercultural Open University. Our passion in education is the guidance and advising of doctoral learners in distance learning programs.

Are you a person with confidence in your intellect, creativity and values who wants to participate responsibly in our complex global society?

Are you accomplished and successful in your life and work, yet feeling the need to reignite your passion and purpose by formalizing your knowledge and expanding your education?

Are you capable of assuming responsibility for your own work and communicating effectively and creatively?

Do you seek a learner-centered experience in university studies, one in which you will determine your curriculum and research interests in collaboration with an advisor?

Do you want to partner with a Global university with worldwide affiliations with institutions dedicated to the healing arts, peace studies, integrated and complimentary medicine, ecological studies, and other fields?

Join with me in planning your doctorate at Intercultural Open University, an institution that promotes inquiry based learning and constructive civic and social engagement. Begin a doctoral program which encourages and inspires its learners to bring actual, positive change to the world. To apply online click here.
Intercultural Open University is a global university based in
The Netherlands and internationally acclaimed.
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