Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition fees are Euro 8,000 for the entire doctorate's degree program. (payment of the full amount at the start of the study allows the student a discount of Euro 220--because of less administration costs).

Tuition fees (for Industrialized Countries):

On enrollment Euro 3,000
Before midterm review Euro 2,500
Before end revue Euro 2,500

Other arrangements are possible in contact with the Registrar of the University.

Note: Tuition and Fees depend on the economic situation of the country of origin.

Refund Policy:

IOU has adopted the following schedule for the refunding of tuition and fees:

Time period from Amount Date of Enrollment Refunded
Within 72 hours: 100%
4 to 30 days: 80%
31 to 60 days: 60%
61 to 90 days: 40%
91 to 180 days: 20%
181 days or more: no refund

Financial Aid

For a limited number of students we have loans and scholarships available.
In most cases, tuition and fees are related to the economic situation of the student's home country. This means that for students in developing countries fees are considerable lower than the above mentioned.
For more information, write:

Financial Aid Officer
Educational & Cultural Task Forces
De Hoarnen 5
9218 XC Opeinde
The Netherlands