Summary CV
Sandra Hurlong, Ph.D.

USA Office:
2401 Woodland Lane
Arden, DE 19810
302 475-7972 (h)
302 521-5354 (m)
Mexico Office:
S.Pablo Etla
Etla, Oaxaca
52 1 951 520-4024 (h)
52 1 951 547-7763 (m)
Phone US & Mexico: 302 352-1733 (h)
Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, The Union Institute
M.A. Cultural Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
B.A Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
Anthropology; Shamanism and Spiritual Journeying; Ritual Art and Performance, Dance Ethnology, South Asia Studies (India), Latin American and Hispanic Studies (Mexico/Spain), Women's Studies, Sustainable Agriculture, Cross-Cultural Business Management, International Education

2007-present     Resident Representative for the Americas and
Professor in Higher Education, Cultural Anthropology,
Intercultural Open University, The Netherlands
1995-2005     Core Faculty, The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH
1993 -1995     Assistant Dean and Core Faculty, The Union Institute
1990-1992   Academic Director, Mexico: School for International Training, VT
1985-1989   Professor of Behavioral Science and Management,
Coordinator of Behavioral Science, Wilmington College, DE
1984-1989 Consultant in Organizational Analysis and Employee Development,
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
1982-1983 Lecturer, Cross Cultural Communications Systems, Univ. of Pennsylvania
1981-1985   Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Wilmington College
1974-1980 Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, Wilmington College
1972-1973   Teaching Assistant, South Asia Department, Univ. of Pennsylvania
1969-1971   Instructor of Anthropology, Ursinus College

1964-1965   University of Rosario, Rosario, Argentina
1963-1964     University College, London, England
1961-1962     University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain
1961 Summer   University of Dijon, Dijon, France
Management consulting and research: Mexico 1990-present; Spain 1961,1988-present; Taiwan 1985; India 1968,1973, 1995,2006; Argentina 1964,1965

Dissertation Tite:
Black Crows in the Morning: A Journey to the Shaman’s World

Educational Philosophy
My ideas about teaching and learning are rooted in both my experience in nontraditional learning and formal academic training, and in my belief that learning, like life, is an experiment, both mystical and magical, and tragic. I also believe that cultural diversity is essential to human survival and that consciousness of diversity is critical to learning.

Selected Examples of Dissertations Supervised 1993-2005

Cultural Anthropology

1999: Characteristics of Scottish Women Who Take Risks: Cultural environments and socialization

1999: The Longest Journey: Autobiography, and race, class and gender issues in the lives of African American women

1997: Collaborative Cultural Research and Public Sector Folklore Presentation: An ethnographic study of the African Immigrant Folklife Project

Consciousness and Healing

2003: Essays in Analytical Psychology: A phenomenological study of the archetypal nature of the psychotherapeutic frame, with a special focus on contributions of archetypal field theory

2002: Do You Need a Guru? Understanding the student-teacher relationship in an era of false prophets

2000: Trauma Healing and Transformation: Body-mind-spirit practices for grassroots people

1999: Palliative Massage: Healing into Dying, and, Lived Experience: A contextual essay

Ritual and Arts Performance

1998: La Reina del Barrio: A murga group in Montevideo, Uruguay

Creative arts research:

1998: Contextual Essay (exhibition catalog): Making the Invisible Visible. A series of paintings focusing on Native American oral traditions

1996: Cowboys And Hatters: Bond Street, Sagebrush, and The Silver Screen (Hats, Felting, Clothing)

Cross-cultural communication

2001: Women's Stories: The politics of memory in Latin America

1999: Breaking the Chains: Personal transformation through second language acquisition

1998: Demystifying Japan: A multimedia software package for a multicultural age

Organizational Studies

2001: A Phenomenological Study of Middle Management in the Post-Acquisition Environment

2004: Readiness of Puerto Rican Managers in the Southern Region Of Puerto Rico to Compete in the International Business Environment
Scholarship of Discovery

2002 "Curanderismo in Oaxaca, Mexico," in Zócalo,The Oaxaca Literary Quarterly, vol 1,no.1. pp.7-12.
2001 “Spirituality and Healing in Mexico.” in Network, Vol 17, no. 1. pp.18-22
2001 “Research Ethics in Anthropology” in Michael Q. Patton, Thinking Ethically About Research. Union Institute and University Video.
1996 "Shamanism as Contemporary Religion,” in Network, vol.13, no.3. pp. 12-17.
1995 "A Model for Institutional Partnerships in the Americas: The Union Institute and Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, in Proceedings of Sixth Annual AAUA International Conference, Mexico City, Mexico.
1994 "Non-traditional education and the International Learner,” in Proceedings of the Fifth Mexican Congress of Teachers at American Schools in Mexico, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.
1981 Black Crows in the Morning: A Journey to Shaman's World, Diss. Angeloff Limited Editions, Phila., Pa.

Interdisciplinary Scholarship

Directed Studies and Field Research

2001-present Multiculturalism in 15th Century Spain and its reflection in the healing traditions of Oaxaca. Directed readings and field research in Andalucía, Spain
2001-present The Virgin de Guadalupe in Extremadura during the 16th Century and her symbolism in Mexican culture. Directed Readings and field research in the town of Guadalupe, Spain.
1995-present Documenting Day of the Dead customs and beliefs with the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca and scholars from the National Indigenous Institute. Field research.
1999-present The Andalusian horse in 16th century Spain and the role of
the horses in the colonization of Mexico. Independent ehtnohistorical research and collaboration with Spanish scholar Juan Llamas and the Cria Caballar de España.
1995-present Traditional Healing in Oaxaca, Mexico. Joint research
with the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca and scholars from the Instituto National Indigena in Oaxaca.
1996-present Healing traditions in Contemporary Andalucia, Spain.
Fieldwork in Granada and the Alpujarras region of Andalucía, Spain
Kathakali and Mohiniyattam, continued research of ritual dance- drama traditions of Kerala, India

Professional Presentations

2006 “Science, spirituality and Intercultural Insights,” Jaipur, India
2004 “Ethnographic Method in Traditional Healing Contexts,” Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico
2002 "Multiculturalism in 16th Century Spain and its influence on healing traditions in Mexico," Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
2000 “Rituals of Death and Dying as Symbols of Transformation and Healing: The Mexican Day of the Dead,” University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CN
1999 "El curanderismo de Andalucía y Oaxaca: Rasgos del Siglo Dieciséis," Segundo Concurso de Religión Popular, Instituto Sta. Fe, Granada, Spain
1997 "Cross cultural Partnerships in Education," Casa Raab Research Center, Oaxaca, Mexico
1996 "El Curanderismo en San Pablo Etla," Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
1995 "Regional Economics and the Day of the Dead Ceremony in Oaxaca, Mexico," Casa Raab Research Center, Oaxaca, Mexico
1993 "La Agricultura Sostenible y el Intercambio Cultural," Instituto Tecnológico de Oaxaca, Oaxaca. Mexico
1992 "La Enseñanza de la Cultura," School for International Training, Oaxaca, Mexico.
1991 "La Educación Universitaria y las Ciencias Sociales," University of Guanajuato, Gto, Mexico,
1990 "Innovation and Change in 15th Century Guitar Making," School of Lutiers, Granada, Spain
1989 "The Myth of Psyche and Feminine Consciousness," University of Delaware, Dept. of Women's Studies, Newark, DE
1988 "Managerial Problems in Higher Education Administration," Widener University, Chester, PA
1987 "The Power of Dreams," Brandywine College Honors Seminar, Wilmington, DE
1986 "Modern Women: Awakening the Feminine Potential," University of Delaware, Newark, DE
1985 "The Changing American Family," Pingdoong Cultural Center,Taiwan.
1985 "The Relevance of the Humanities in a Technological Age," Wilmington Scholar's Forum, Wilmington, DE
1985 "Maintaining Academic Standards and Educational Relevance in a Changing World," First State Conference on Education, Newark, DE
1985 "The Healing Content of Dreams," Newark Family Counseling Center, Newark, DE
1984 "Native American Spirituality and the Sweat Lodge Ceremony," Arden Community Assoc. Lecture Series, Arden DE.
1983 "Dreams as Personal Myths in Contemporary American Culture,” Tressler Center For Transpersonal Psychology, Wilm., DE
1982 "Sources of Movement in Mohiniyattam, A Classical Dance Form of Kerala"; "The Significance of the Bhakti Movement in Mohiniyattam Performance," Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, WVA
1981 "Ritual Performance and Dream Symbolism," Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY